Umbrella – ForeTwo Group

Get paid on time, every time – quick, easy and no stress!

Working through an umbrella company means you’ll get the same benefits and flexibility of being self-employed with the added benefit of full-time employment and more.

We take care of all your paperwork for you including calculating your tax and National Insurance contributions and making payments to HMRC. If you have any issues, our team will be there to answer your questions and give you the all the support you need.

The benefits are clear:

  • Salary Sacrifice Pension – save and reduce income tax and national insurance
  • Expenses – offset legitimate business expenses
  • Holiday Pay – get your holiday paid out how and when you want it – every week or store it up
  • ForeTwo Perks – employee benefits scheme
  • Insurances – £35M including the option for personal accident cover
  • Continuous Employment – no more gaps between assignments and keep one tax code
  • Sick Pay – Statutory payments such as SSP, Maternity & Paternity Pay
  • Emergency Payments – missed your timesheet cut-off? We can help


Claiming legitimate business expenses is a great way of ensuring your take home pay is as efficient as possible. With recent changes to Travel and Subsistence expense claims it’s important to get the right advice and support in this area. We know it can be tricky in terms of knowing what you can and can’t claim for; knowing whether you should be classed a mobile worker or whether you are subject to Supervision, Direction or Control. The good news is that we can simplify this process for you; our specialists are here to help and keep you fully compliant with HMRC regulations.

To join us or for more information, please call our FREE PHONE number 0808 196 9601 or email