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Welcome to a future where transparency and peace of mind are a given
The ground-breaking development to take the pain out of compliance

Have you ever wondered what your business would look like if you really had the time to focus on the good stuff? We all know business admin is vital, as is compliance, but often valuable time spent behind the scenes creating this all-important transparency, means less time driving what really matters to you and your clients. That’s why we’re excited to announce ForeTwo Group’s new partnership with leading technology company SafeRec.


With SafeRec’s cutting-edge forensic payslip auditing technology alongside our FCSA Accreditation and our commitment to living and breathing their Codes of Compliance, we are taking a leap forward in transparent compliance accountability.


We firmly believe that the combination of FCSA Accreditation and ground-breaking SafeRec Certification is the most iron-clad guarantee for delivering complete financial security to all key stakeholders.
Specialists in automated compliance solutions for the recruitment industry, SafeRec’s expertise and cutting-edge auditing technology will enable us to really take the wheel when it comes to accountability; leaving you to focus on growing your business with confidence.


With forensic, real-time auditing of payslips and regular data-stream reporting directly to HMRC, SafeRec helps us provide cast-iron compliance and peace of mind for everyone in our supply chain. Now, isn’t that a breath of fresh air?

What is SafeRec?

Think of SafeRec as an ecosystem for your business. It uses innovative fully-automated technology to forensically audit and cross-reference UK payslips, reporting regularly to HMRC for a seamless service, with no surprises and complete transparency throughout. In other words, it grows and moves with you, keeping your business in safe hands at every step of the way.

Rest assured

SafeRec’s water-tight four-part solution leaves no room for anything other than compliant and ethical practices:


  • Every single payslip, whether PAYE, CIS, PEO or Umbrella company, is forensically audited in real-time.
  • All these payslip audits are then cross-referenced against RTIs from HMRC each month, so every figure remains true and accountable.
  • Payslips are received directly from payroll software via API, and RTIs are downloaded directly from the umbrella company’s HMRC tax account.
  • This all happens in real-time, with monthly supply chain audit reports back to you, our valued client, on the 15th of each month, for complete peace of mind and transparency.


The best news is, it’s free! In the same way you wouldn’t expect your clients to pay for your certifications, we wouldn’t expect you to pay for ours. Therefore, as long as you work with umbrella companies like us, that are SafeRec certified, you will enjoy all this peace of mind and protection at no extra cost.