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Proud sponsor of Riley Blakemore – REB Racing

We are really pleased to announce that we are a proud sponsor of Riley Blakemore – REB Racing, in 2023.

Riley, who turned 8 in April this year is an aspiring racing driver and has just completed his rookie season racing in the 200cc Honda Cadet series in the IndyKart Championship at Hooton Park Circuit.

We are blown away by how far he has come since he started racing in February this year, which can be seen when summing up his final three races of the season, we just are delighted for Riley.
As the season progressed, he has continued to improve his race craft and driving ability, which with grids featuring 20+ karts, is no mean feat! In the final three rounds of the season, he finished 9th, 7th (with the most number of overtakes in the final heat) and 5th in the last race of the season, where he also got his best qualifying position of the season (P2), starting on a wet track and eventually dealing with torrential rain.

He is one of, if-not-the, youngest (and definitely the smallest) drivers on the grid.
At just 8 years old he is competing against 11 and 12-year-olds, some of whom have already been racing for 5 – 6 years! Overall, he finished 11th out of 21 drivers in the championship, which is just fantastic; and he has continued to impress everyone with his attitude, development, and passion for racing. Well done, Riley!

The 2023 season is something that both he and we are really excited about…..Riley has entered the brand new 10 round IndyKart+ Championship, which will be the first of its kind to be televised on Sky Sports, Freeview and Freesat, plus a live-stream on the day via TDI Media’s YouTube channel. The TV showing will follow approx. 2 weeks after the race to give the media company time to make the TV edit, which will feature interviews and headshots of the drivers as they’re discussed during the race.

Riley is also looking for some more sponsors for next season, so if you would like the opportunity to sponsor him and have your company featured on Sky TV, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram via his helmet, race suit or kart, please send us a direct message and we will ask Riley and his Dad to come back to you with the details.

We look forward to sharing more exciting announcements as Riley prepares for the new season and once racing gets underway in February, so watch this this space for updates, news, pictures, videos of our favourite racing driver and his journey towards a career in motorsports Oh, and please feel free to give him a follow on his Instagram page: @rileyeblakemoreracing

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