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Proud Sponsor Alert!

After a sweltering weekend for us mere-mortals, we’re very happy to share a little update on our tame(ish) racing driver, Riley, who despite the intense heat, didn’t melt under the pressure or the blazing sunshine in Lincolnshire this weekend! He kept his cool – we hear many ice pops and ice lollies were consumed and they must have done the trick. Competing with boys and girls racing at National-level, some of whom are nearly 4 years older than Riley (who only turned 9 in April this year) had a very consistent race weekend, with just 1.1MPH difference in average speed between him and the race leader and a top speed of 54.4 MPH!

So after Round 3 of the IPKC Championship at Fulbeck, we’re very happy to share that Riley has maintained his position as #2 in the Championship. GO Riley!!
Riley has asked us to give a huge shoutout and thank you to his sponsors – MyDigital, ORE (and us 😃), without whom the racing wouldn’t be possible. Roll on the next round at Llandow Race Circuit in South Wales on August 5th & 6th, if you’re in the area head over to watch some extremely close racing, we hope to see you there.