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Official Launch Announcement!

We are thrilled to announce that ForeTwo Group is now officially accredited by SafeRec , the leading provider of automated compliance solutions for the recruitment industry!

Compliance meets transparency, and we are beyond excited to share this ground-breaking news with our valued contractors, freelance workers, and esteemed recruitment agencies.

With our partnership with SafeRec, we are taking compliance to a whole new level. Say goodbye to guesswork and uncertainty and say hello to total supply chain assurance!

At ForeTwo Group, we have always prioritised the well-being and peace of mind of our contractors and agencies. Now, with SafeRec’s cutting-edge technology and real-time auditing capabilities, we can confidently say that compliance is at the core of everything we do. Transparency is no longer a buzzword; it’s our way of ensuring a secure and compliant environment for all.

Our journey towards accreditation has been a rigorous one, as we partnered with SafeRec to undergo thorough audits of our processes, policies, and operations. We left no stone unturned to ensure that we exceed the highest standards of compliance.

Today, we stand proud as an accredited partner of SafeRec, ready to provide our contractors and recruitment agencies with the total supply chain assurance they deserve. It’s a testament to our commitment to ethics, compliance, and exemplary service.

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to all our contractors, agencies, and stakeholders who have placed their trust in us. Your support and belief in our mission have been instrumental in achieving this significant milestone. Together, we are forging a new era of compliance excellence.

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Thank you for being a part of this remarkable moment. Together, let’s embrace compliance, transparency, and a brighter future.