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Heartwarming news!

We are absolutely thrilled to share some heartwarming news! Yesterday, our Customer Success Specialist, Kimberley, welcomed her third bundle of joy into the world – a precious baby boy named Angelo. 🌟
Angelo made his grand entranceat 10.41am weighing in at 8lb 5oz, and both Mum and baby are doing really well.
A heartfelt congratulations go out to Kim and her husband on the arrival of their newest family member! Her two older children, Jazmyne and Enzo, are undoubtedly over the moon as they embark on this new adventure as proud older siblings. 🧸🎈
We would like to thank Kim for her contributions as a Customer Success Specialist, as she begins this incredible journey of motherhood once again, may this new chapter be filled with boundless love, unforgettable memories, and the sweetest moments that parenthood has to offer. 💕