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ForeTwo Group Presents: The Fast Lane Adventure of Riley Blakemore!

Get ready for the thrill, racing enthusiasts! ForeTwo Group proudly unveils the journey of our young speed maestro, Riley Blakemore, with a roaring lineup of sponsors: Porcelain Flooring Direct, Partners&., My Digital, and SafeRec!

There has been a milestone Unlocked for Riley this week, he has received his Motorsports UK Race License!
With determination and a pedal-to-the-metal spirit, Riley passed the Motorsports UK competition race license test, slamming the accelerator on a new chapter. The track is calling, and Riley is more than ready to answer!
You can read a little more about it here:

At a mere 9 years old, Riley’s journey ignited at Euxton Racing. What started as a delightful spin around the track, evolved into a full-throttle commitment, showcasing his fearless spirit on the track.

Recently, Riley conquered the IPK Championship, securing 2nd place overall. This young dynamo isn’t just racing; he’s making podiums his second home.

Hold onto your helmets! 2024 marks Riley’s venture into Ambition Motorsport, a team renowned for shaping F1 talents. The road to greatness just got a high-speed upgrade.

This weekend, witness Riley’s magic at the Autumn Cup Doubleheader, Warden Law circuit in Sunderland. It’s not just a race; it’s his first full weekend with Ambition Motorsport, and the excitement is set to break the sound barrier!

You can see more of Riley’s journey by following his Instagram: