For the 3rd year running, ForeTwo Group announce the successful renewal of their FCSA Accreditation – ForeTwo Group


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For the 3rd year running, ForeTwo Group announce the successful renewal of their FCSA Accreditation

We are delighted to announce that we have today had confirmation from the FCSA that we have successfully passed this year’s audit. The audit comprises of two main parts; financial and legal. The financial audit is carried out by a top 5 global accounting firm, and the legal audit by one of the most renowned law firms in the UK with specialisms in the recruitment and payroll industries.

Managing Director Jeff Blakemore said “we’re over the moon to get the news that we have renewed our accredited status but what makes this year a bit more special is we volunteered to be  audited using the new, more stringent Code that comes into effect from 01 October, this is despite the fact we could have been tested using the existing code which we have been tested against over the last two years. The new code has definitely been ‘beefed-up’ and has more checks and balances in place that should help protect workers’ rights, especially around the treatment of holiday pay and other statutory entitlements”

FCSA Accreditation demonstrates to freelancers, contractors and recruitment businesses that members are acting both professionally and ethically within the UK tax, employment and regulatory laws. Coupled with financial stability tests, FCSA Accreditation is proof that professional businesses can take the lead in delivering the highest levels of industry standards.

ForeTwo Group was co-founded by Managing Director Jeff Blakemore and Director Robert Easton in 2017 to offer a range of contractor umbrella payroll services and contractor accountant services to the UK’s flexible workforce. The company comprises a team of experienced professionals who together boast in excess of 90 years of industry experience from the recruitment, contractor payroll and contractor accountancy sectors.

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