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Employee of the Month Spotlight

Let’s give a huge round of applause to our exceptional Senior Payroll Administrator, Lorna Emson!
Lorna’s dedication to our contractors and the business knows no bounds. She’s the embodiment of going above and beyond, always ready to tackle any challenge.
Late nights or after-hours, it doesn’t matter—Lorna’s commitment shines bright. Her hard work is truly inspiring!
But it’s not just about the job for Lorna. She has a big heart and loves taking care of our team. Her delicious treats in the office never go unnoticed. 😋
A massive “Well done!” to this month’s other nominees: Jack Bangs, Bethen Bradshaw, Charlotte Johnstone, Nikki Lee, Joanne Brown, and Rebecca Williams. Your dedication and hard work are appreciated!

Let’s celebrate Lorna and all our outstanding nominees for their incredible contributions.