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We are known to be a nation of animal lovers, so it’s not too bizarre to think that we would want to spend some time with them, right? A handful of companies in the UK now offer “Paw-ternity” to allow their employees to take care of their four-legged dependants.
The new “Paw-ternity” schemes allow owners to schedule in more bonding time with their puppies and pets, getting them properly settled into their new homes.

The question we would like to know is how do you view this new employee perk?

As with anything, there are pros and cons. As an employer, if you’re looking for cost-effective ways to boost your staff morale, could this work for you? Around 60% of people in the UK own some kind of pet so it would make sense to consider this employee benefit before completely writing it off.

But let’s be realistic, getting a goldfish from a stall at the local fair, isn’t going to warrant a week working from home, however, anyone with a new puppy for example will tell you how hard it is training their new furry friend, helping them with the little disasters whilst making sure they don’t chew everything in sight. If you’ve ever added a puppy or rescue dog to your household, you know the time and emotional commitment involved.
Having flexible working hours means workers can work from home or in the office, as we know just how hard it can be in those early days.

For freelance and temporary contractors, things such as these are one of the many benefits of going contracting- alongside the other usual benefits which can include better rates of pay and being able to pick and choose assignments

If you’re an organisation looking to help with engagement, is this something to consider and will this boost the morale in your office? We would love to know your thoughts … barking up the wrong tree, or the cats meow?